Monday, February 26, 2007

Too many questions!!

Tonight at dinner, I noticed my patience was wearing thin.  Now part of this was due to the intermittent cooing, crying and yelling by Colsen, and the perpetual limit-testing, singing, and repeating by Rayna.....  but it's also due to the ongoing question-asking by a certain 6-year old we have around here!  As I started to relay to Pete about what I had to answer today, he also started to shake his head and get that glazed-over look that I feel like I wear as a uniform these days.  Here is just a small sampling of what I had to answer today:

  • What does "mcg" stand for on this nutrition list?  And what's the difference between it and milligrams?

  • Would Rhode Island fit inside Luxembourg, or would Luxembourg fit inside Rhode Island?

  • Why did the sun used to come up in Mexico City at 7:12, and here it came up at 7:30, but now the sun comes up here at 6:56 am, and in Mexico City it comes up at 6:58?

  • Which salad dressing is better for you?  This one has red peppers in it and it's only 2 grams of Carbs, but it has high fructose corn syrup, but this other dressing has 3 grams of Carbs and less sugar.

  • Are carbs good or bad for you? 

  • What is cholesterol?

  • Why did the chiropractor use a bowling ball to show us something?

  • Why doesn't PBS show commercials like other channels do?

  • If not enough people give money to the PBS pledge drive, will that mean we won't have any PBS channels to watch?  And then what would we do?

  • Why can't companies just pay for the shows, but not show commercials in the middle?

  • Why can't a quadrilateral have one side hanging off the edge?

  • Can Poppa lift 100 pounds?

  • Can anyone in the world lift a piano over their head?

  • Can anyone in the world speak every language in the world?

  • What languages do they speak in Africa?

  • Why hasn't Mr. Lawson been to Canada, when he's been to so many other countries?


Ok... there were way more than this, but now Colsen's crying for more food... and don't get me started on how many times he does THAT during a day....

But in the meantime, if anyone has any answers to the above questions, please send them my way!  I NEED HELP!!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some February Events...

While most of the past few weeks have been spent at home, thanks to a few colds, viruses, and bacteria circling through, we have managed to have some fun.

First, on the 6th, Colsen turned.... Well, I'll let him tell you:



Then last week we celebrated our unit study on Great Britain by cooking up some Fish and Chips! 

Very tasty.  But the best part was, I discovered a new great way to get the kids to eat more at dinner:  Serve it to them in a paper bag!  (I remembered that this was similar to the way I was served fish and chips in England, so folded up some brown paper lunch bags.)  Rayna not only ate everything, including the vegetables, but asked for more.  When we put the "seconds" on a plate, she promptly picked them up and put them in the bag... then ate them. 









Then came the big Valentine's Day here!

First we had a party on the 13th for a few friends...



The party was fun for the kids.... but I wasn't so wise with the activities I chose to do!  First we played a Bingo-type game... but I forgot to realize that most of the kids wouldn't know their numbers higher than 10.  So everytime I called out a number, several of them would hand their cards to me and say, "Do I have that number??"  It was mostly a game for me I guess.  Then the craft was similar...  They ended up having a bunch of small pieces that needed to be glued together, but I (stupidly) only had one bottle of glue.  So basically I went around and did 12 crafts by myself.  Woo-hoo!  And the other game we played entailed having my entire living room torn apart, cushions and all, so that was just great.  Way to go Mom!  Oh well... they had fun anyway.

Then stealing a play from James and Karin's play-book, we decorated the kids' rooms while they were sleeping,


so they woke up on V-Day to a bunch of hearts hanging from their ceiling...  Amidst the planets in Strider's room and the butterflies in Rayna's. 

To cap it all off, Strider was in his own blissful world because I came through big with breakfast:  A few weeks ago he had mentioned that someday he would LOVE it if he came down for breakfast and there was "homemade granola right here, and a muffin right here.  That would just be the BEST."  So I made those things for him for Valentine's Day, and it was the highlight of the day.  Yay!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

At dinner the other night...

At dinner the other night, Rayna started asking about who had a “pee-pee.”  Pete was quick to correct her that it is actually called a “penis.”  Then, of course the kids had a great time talking about who had  them.  Strider, trying to educate his sister, then said, “And Rayna, you and Mommy have…. what’s it called?  A Magenta?” 


So while other kids may giggle about penises and vaginas, our will giggle about pee-pees and magentas.

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