Saturday, March 28, 2015

More manipulations... but sweet ones

Miles continues to attempt to avoid practicing his violin:

When I told him to go practice a couple days ago, he started hugging me and said, “Let’s snuggle instead.  LOVE is more important than violins!”  

Then this morning when I told him to stop standing around watching me put things away and go practice the violin, he responded, “But I just want to watch a beautiful woman put things away!”

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Second tournament, second win!

Strider's speech and debate league had their second big tournament of the year here near Charlotte this weekend, so 124 competitors came from all over the region for a couple days of presentations and arguments.

This was Strider and Elizabeth's 5th tournament together and they seem to be really hitting their stride (haha) these days.  The competition has ramped up -- there were 12 teams in their division this time -- but they still managed to stay undefeated and won.  We are so thankful for the way they've been taught and coached in this league; they're learning some great skills!

I worked in the ballot checking room for 17 hours over the 2 days, so I didn't get to see Strider debate... but I have a front-row seat for plenty of that at home.  I did duck out a couple times to see if I could say hi to him and tried to snap a picture, but this is the face I got.

At least someone in the background enjoyed my picture-taking!

They have one final tournament left, next month.  Don't mess with Frank-McDowell!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good to be home

Over the last several months we have spent time searching for a new house to move to.  We would like a little more closet space, a little more bathroom space, etc.  But, as the months go by and we can't find anything that seems like a good fit, I find myself getting discouraged sometimes.

The other night, though, as I went out for a walk, I turned around to look back at our house and saw this:

(Our's is the one with the porch light on)
It was a good reminder that where we live is a wonderful place.  No reason to be discontent!  And God sure paints some amazing masterpieces.

(And this is the view of my backyard right now -- beautiful!)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Since it only happens once a century...

.... we had to celebrate Pi Day this year.

My plan was to have pie ready to eat at 3-14-15 9:26:53.... but I misjudged the cooking time of the pie and it wasn't quite ready until about 20 minutes later.  Still tasty, though!

Strider's observations for the day were:

1.)  He felt bad for the Europeans who couldn't celebrate Pi Day since they write their dates backwards.

2.) Since there were TWO 9:26:53 times that day, we should eat pie both times.  (And he did)

Forgot to post the ski trip pictures!

The guys did go on their annual ski trip a few weeks ago, and it was significant in both the presence of certain people, and the absence of one.  The exciting part was that Pete, Strider and Colsen were accompanied by 2 grandfathers, 2 uncles and 4 cousins this year.  They spread out along the slopes for the day, but since it wasn't very crowded, they kept tabs on each other well.

The missing person, though, was Miles.  :(  He had been so excited to make his big debut on the slopes this year, interrogating his brothers about all the details he should expect.  He insisted he was NOT going to take the beginner's lesson because he already knew what to do!  Alas, he did not have the chance to prove his inborn prowess since he developed a nasty cough the night before they were to go, and he had to stay home.

  Pete and Miles scheduled another day to go the following week, but then it ended up pouring that day, so poor Milo had to stay home again.  He was reasonably pacified by a trip to Chick Fil-A for lunch instead.  But I know he looks forward to next year -- he's already counting the months until December.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Pete just showed me this link:

My reactions, in order, were:

1.)  Why didn't you tell me you were going to another conference??
2.)  You're on the same page as Ben Carson??
3.)  Why are you so orange??

Guess he's been having enough carrots lately.  And, I'm proud of him for getting invited to speak at whatever it is!

Monday, March 9, 2015

So I guess it's a duet

Colsen has been working on a song lately -- still has never had an actual lesson! -- and I got the video camera out to document his progress.

This is what I got:

Someone really doesn't like to miss the spotlight.

In fact, he loves it best when he shares the spotlight with just a tie:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mom gets away

When I woke up Friday morning to, "Mom, Miles is going to throw that boomerang at your face, and I'm going to throw this pillow at the same time to see if I can save your life!".....  I knew I was ready for a break.

 It had been a long week of fevers (for me) and disobedience (from the kids).

Pete graciously offered to let me go stay at my parents' again, and they graciously offered to take in my haggard self.  (Plus they cook for me, play games with me, talk to me, don't require things from me, don't keep touching and moving and breaking my things, etc.)

So I had a very relaxing Saturday, just doing math problems to get ready for an upcoming class I'm teaching, catching up on all the household ironing, and even going out to run some errands.  And I slept straight through at night, with NO ONE coming in to wake me up -- AT ALL!

When I got home today I asked the kids if they missed me.  They dutifully affirmed that they did.  Then I asked, "What's weird about not having me here?"

This is what Colsen answered:

"Well, Dad, I mean, I like him, but he pretty much always says 'Yes' to stuff if we beg him.  So I try not to beg him for too much.  He's not feisty like you!  I don't know if we'd be in a very healthy shape with just him."

Good thing I'm back!

Monday, March 2, 2015

First debate tourney of the season

Strider and Pete spent the last few days in Richmond for the first speech and debate tournament this year.  And to the joy of everyone involved, Strider and his partner Elizabeth placed first!  Those two certainly love to argue -- and it paid off.  :)

The topic they've been researching this year is whether or not fast food is good for society.  During the weekend they got to argue both sides of this argument a few different times.  On the final night, the dinner provided for all the participants was.... from McDonalds.  Strider (wisely) chose not to eat it, and he and Pete stopped for something else on the way home.