Thursday, April 12, 2018

Resurrection Day!

Easter was an amazing day this year, from before sun-up to after sun-down!

 Pete roused us all from our warm beds before the sun came up, announcing it was 6:50 and the sunrise service in the park started at 7 am!  We quickly put on our shoes and headed up the street.  Even though I am not usually a morning person I have to say this was one morning I enjoyed seeing the sun come up.  No better way than worshiping our risen Lord!

After a breakfast which included Resurrection Rolls, of  course, -- and a few playing of pranks, since it was ALSO APRIL FOOL'S DAY! -- we went to our regular church service and then came home to prepare for The Family coming over.

We had a big Egg Hunt in the yard for some of The Cousins.

 ...And then enjoyed some good food, good conversations, and a good game of Capture the Flag!

Holy Week

This year we really savored Holy Week, enjoying some meaningful times of worshiping and reflecting...

On Palm Sunday the kids sang at church....

On Good Friday, we joined the churches of downtown Monroe for a Stations of the Cross walk for a few miles...

Later on Good Friday some of our life group came over for a Passover-esque meal.

And on Saturday we found time to dye some eggs!

Hair in abundance

When Rayna was little I was quite concerned about her hair.  By the time she was 4 she still had very little hair, and what she had seemed very thin and brittle.  I worried she would always be lacking in the hair department.  And I prayed and prayed that God would give her thicker hair.

He answered that prayer in a "more than I can ask or imagine" kind of way!  Thank you, Lord.

Opposites attract?

Had this conversation with Colsen…

C:  You and Dad seem pretty opposite, Mom.
Me:  Really?  How?
C: Especially in your taste buds.
Me: Well that’s true.
C:  And also Dad seems much younger than you.
Me:  He does?
C: Yeah, he always seems like he’s having a mid-life crisis or something.  Like, he always wants to buy a motorcycle or do something crazy.  You seem more cautious.
Me:  Well that’s also true.


While Colsen was off at his first yo-yo tournament, I was experiencing a first myself -- as a wedding coordinator for a day.  My friend Rachel got married and since she is very experienced with weddings (being a wedding photographer), she was able to mostly act as her own wedding coordinator... except for the very day of the ceremony.  So she asked me to step in and help with those details.

What a beautiful day it was!  The venue was quite unusual and people were all super-fun.  We had a great time!

First Yo-Yo Tournament!

Colsen has been eager for some time now to go to a real live yo-yo tournament.  When we saw that one was to be held in Pittsburgh, we got excited to take him (having family there).... But when we saw it was the same weekend that some good friends of ours were getting married here in NC, we thought the tournament was out of the question.

Enter my parents!  They graciously agreed to transport Colsen up to the tournament, listen to his yo-yo prattle for 48 hours straight, and act appropriately enthusiastic when they spotted "famous" professional yo-yo-ers.

Colsen called me Saturday morning, about an hour after he had arrived at the tournament and gushed that it was already the "greatest experience of his life." 

He was star-struck when he ran into some of this YouTube heroes, and one of them, his favorite, even spent some time doing some tricks with Cole.  They are both left-handed, so they looked particularly good together.  :)

The competition included 29 yo-yo-ers and Colsen finished right in the middle of the pack.  He learned a lot about how to get points, things to avoid, etc., so he feels much more equipped now to compete next time.  (And he asks about when that "next time" will be quite often)

Here's a link to his performance:

They stayed with my Uncle Pete and Aunt Lisa, had some time to visit with Uncle Bob and Aunt Marilyn, and also had a chance to see the Boyer family for a little while, so the Pittsburgh trip sounds like it was a "win" in all senses!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Cubing Fanaticism that has seized our house

A few friends in our Classical Conversations group brought some Rubik's Cubes in one week and showed how they could solve them and that is all it took for our boys to get hooked!  Both Colsen and Miles quickly memorized all the algorithms and got faster and faster at solving their cubes.  They've bought several different kinds now (including "speed cubes") and are always thinking of ways to challenge themselves.  Colsen and his friend Gibson even got together 3 weeks in a row, just to "cube" together.

I, of course, am thrilled with this -- for the most part.  My uncle taught me how to solve the cube when I was in about 4th grade -- back when one had to purchase and learn from an obscure book.  Strider carried on the family tradition a few years ago.  So I like that Cole and Milo like to do the cube, too.... although all the clicking and turning can get a little irritating when it won't ever stop, even during our school time!


Some of the other random things we've been doing over the past month...

Playing soccer::

Attending a bridal shower for Rachel and Daniel:

Hanging out with friends:

Doing some things for others:
Blessing strangers in memory of Killian

Union County Community Shelter

Little brother doing some pedicures
Big brother doing some teaching

And one of my favorite memories -- listening to the kids worship together.  I told the boys to lead the girls with some Bible time one Sunday afternoon, and then I heard them singing together and preaching sermons and reading verses together.... Made me so happy.