Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mom gets away

When I woke up Friday morning to, "Mom, Miles is going to throw that boomerang at your face, and I'm going to throw this pillow at the same time to see if I can save your life!".....  I knew I was ready for a break.

 It had been a long week of fevers (for me) and disobedience (from the kids).

Pete graciously offered to let me go stay at my parents' again, and they graciously offered to take in my haggard self.  (Plus they cook for me, play games with me, talk to me, don't require things from me, don't keep touching and moving and breaking my things, etc.)

So I had a very relaxing Saturday, just doing math problems to get ready for an upcoming class I'm teaching, catching up on all the household ironing, and even going out to run some errands.  And I slept straight through at night, with NO ONE coming in to wake me up -- AT ALL!

When I got home today I asked the kids if they missed me.  They dutifully affirmed that they did.  Then I asked, "What's weird about not having me here?"

This is what Colsen answered:

"Well, Dad, I mean, I like him, but he pretty much always says 'Yes' to stuff if we beg him.  So I try not to beg him for too much.  He's not feisty like you!  I don't know if we'd be in a very healthy shape with just him."

Good thing I'm back!

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