Sunday, March 22, 2015

Second tournament, second win!

Strider's speech and debate league had their second big tournament of the year here near Charlotte this weekend, so 124 competitors came from all over the region for a couple days of presentations and arguments.

This was Strider and Elizabeth's 5th tournament together and they seem to be really hitting their stride (haha) these days.  The competition has ramped up -- there were 12 teams in their division this time -- but they still managed to stay undefeated and won.  We are so thankful for the way they've been taught and coached in this league; they're learning some great skills!

I worked in the ballot checking room for 17 hours over the 2 days, so I didn't get to see Strider debate... but I have a front-row seat for plenty of that at home.  I did duck out a couple times to see if I could say hi to him and tried to snap a picture, but this is the face I got.

At least someone in the background enjoyed my picture-taking!

They have one final tournament left, next month.  Don't mess with Frank-McDowell!

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