Thursday, June 7, 2001

Strider's First Year

As I type this, it is January of 2013, so I feel rather transcendent, being able to back-date this post as if it were published in 2001!  Over the recent years, Strider has enjoyed reading what I write about our adventures and all the cute things the little guys say, etc. He's often asked me what he was like when he was little.... and poor boy, he was born long before blogging was!

So I've decided to go back and pull out the pictures (fuzzy as they are, since they are scanned pictures from film -- not digital --- what??!) and the little anecdotes I wrote in a word processor from the early years of Strider's life.  The rest of our family life is currently recorded in actual scrapbooks (again not digital!), so I won't duplicate most of that.

Pete and I were transformed in June of 2000 when we became parents, so it only makes sense to extend our blog backwards to that point.

So, as my "first" post, here are some pictures from Strider's first year of life:
We brought our new little baby home to a temporary apt.
6 weeks old on his second big trip--
 up to NY for Aunt Katie's graduation

2 months old -- after our move to Virginia

His baptism day

 In this one brief year, we lived in 4 different places and traveled to several states.  Pete had two different jobs and started a PhD program, and I started teaching at George Mason.  It was a busy time of transition -- and Strider slept in a pack-and-play for the first 5 months of his life.

What an exciting time it was!  Strider and smily face brought joy to us every single day.

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