Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Some more traveling...

This month we got spend time with some special people!

Nate, Strider and Eden
With Gee-Gee
With Ellie

On our car trip to Ohio last week Pete and I decided to pick a word that Strider says to see how many times he said it in those 8 hours.  We chose the word “bunny” which is a song that he likes from Veggie Tales—it’s not his favorite by any stretch, but he ask for it sometimes.  The final count:   83 times.  And I wonder why I’m losing brain cells at such a rapid rate!

Some other stories from the month:

Often when I am sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, Strider will come over and sit in my lap.  The other day, though, he came and sat down but couldn’t quite get comfortable.  He kept pushing backwards like there wasn’t enough room for him.  Then he finally got up and looked at my lap—and my protruding belly.  This baby is already making his life different!

When we were in the grocery store the other day, I gave him the receipt as we were leaving – he always likes to hold the “list” so I figured he’d like the receipt too.  Sure enough, he held it up in front of his face like he was reading it and starting saying, “applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, bananas…” – all of his favorite foods!  Guess he’s figured out that we have to get whatever the list says!

A couple days ago in the car I told Strider to take his hand out of his mouth, which he promptly did.  Then a few minutes later I looked back at him to tell him something else and he started pointing with his right hand at his left hand – which was back in his mouth.  He had a guilty little look on his face.  I guess he’s old enough to realize he’s doing something wrong, but not old enough to realize he shouldn’t tell me about it!

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