Monday, July 29, 2002

More Strider stories

Today I was talking to him about becoming a big brother and he said he would like to do that, and be a good helper, etc.  Then he said he would “be nice.”  So I asked him if he wanted a little baby to come to our house and he said yes – and that we should go buy one at Lowe’s!  We told him we had to wait until next month to do that.

Strider’s new favorite book is “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb” – which is rather interesting because it was MY favorite book when I was little too.  And I didn’t steer him to it at all – he just picked it up one day and now wants to read it over and over and over… he even “reads” it to himself in his crib.  He calls it “Mr. Fingers.”

One of his new favorite phrases is “What happened??!!”  He uses this usually when he’s done something he knows he probably shouldn’t have done.  Like the other day – I had just put on his overalls and I guess they were a little too big because about 2 minutes later he came running around the corner saying “What happened?” with his overalls completely taken off and in his hands!

One of his favorite foods continues to be wheat germ, strangely enough.  I didn’t know quite how far this was going, though, until the other day when I was getting myself some wheat germ and yogurt in the kitchen.   Strider was playing in the living room, but when he heard the jar lid being opened he came tearing around the corner, practically falling down, and begging for “wheat germ!  wheat germ!”

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