Thursday, December 30, 2004

More pretending, laughing and playing

Strider has now seen his very first full-feature movie:  Finding Nemo.  Some of the comments we have heard since then:

¨      I’m not afraid of those sharks in the movie.  They can’t come out of the TV and eat me.  They only eat the fish.  Nemo is afraid of them, but he wouldn’t be afraid of a shark that only eats people.

¨      The fish on Finding Nemo don’t know that they’re on TV and we’re watching them!

¨      If Nemo had listened to his daddy and not swum away and the dentist/diver hadn’t caught him, it would have been a very short movie!

 Strider’s new “pretend” game is where he pretends to be a missionary and I am supposed to be a lady who doesn’t know about Heaven.  Then he proceeds to ask me my name, and if I “need to know anything.”  It’s so funny hearing what he knows.  When I ask him about Jesus, he says, “He was a baby, and then He was a little boy, and then He was a man, and then He died on the cross (to take away our punishment) and then He came back to life, and then He went to Heaven.  And now He’s in Heaven.”  And “He wears a white dress.”  And when I ask him about Heaven, he says “It’s a really cool place, and you don’t ever have to go to bed.  And there are lots of houses there.”

He’s also been confused lately…  When we sing the song “This Little Light of Mine” he hears the verse about “don’t let Satan blow it out.”  So he wanted to know who Satan is.  Then he wanted to know if God is in Satan.  And if not, then how can that be, because God is EVERYWHERE?! 

Rayna has been happily playing imagination games by herself apparently.  She takes 2 little people, or pictures of people, in her hands, and then proceeds to have very long conversational-sounding babble speeches!  Her inflection and faces are hilarious, but none of us have any idea what she (or the little people) are saying!
The other day both kids were out swinging, and I started playing the game with them where they try to “kick” me as they swing close, and I dramatically fall backwards.  They were both laughing so hard, that at some points there was complete silence because they were both convulsed to the point where neither could breathe and no sound was coming out!

I kicked a soccer ball really high the other day and Strider was amazed.  “I didn’t know a 31-year old could kick that high!” he said.

Strider wants to know why we say “Merry Christmas” but not “Joseph Christmas.”

He asked me the other day, “Are we in a book?  Is God reading us in a book?”

The other night I snuck up behind Strider and yelled – and scared him.  I’ve done this before and he just jumps and laughs.  This time though he yelled really loud and got quite frightened.  I felt really bad and hugged him and said, “Strider, I’m sorry – are you ok?”  He quickly turned smiley and said “Oh, Mommy… my heart was just shivering!!”

Rayna loves to dance to her toy piano music.  And we’ve all discovered that if we make the music tempo go faster, she dances faster.  So we push it up all the way until her little feet are doing a furious jig – it’s so funny!  Even she starts laughing.

Wearing the poncho and hat I knit for her
The other day she literally fell over laughing at something Strider was doing – from a standing position, right onto her face!  These kids lose all control when they start their laughing fits…

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