Thursday, May 3, 2007

Colsen's baptism weekend

On April 22nd, exactly 6 years (to the day!) after Strider was baptized, Colsen was baptized at Church of


 the Redeemer. 

It was a special weekend... and one of the best parts was that Aunt Sue and Krista came for a visit all the way from Minnesota!

After picking them up from the airport, Pete and the kids took them to the U.S. Whitewater Center, and everyone enjoyed some time to walk around and explore.  It was a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 21, the day they arrived, was Krista's 11th birthday, so we had fun celebrating that too!  Strider and Rayna greeted her with birthday signs and balloons at the airport, and we decorated the house in preparation for her arrival too.  It was also a great reason to make a cake -- a checkerboard cake.  Everyone was amazed by how I put each individual square in it.  :)

Later on in their visit, Sue took Krista and Strider ice skating -- they all seemed to have fun, despite the fact that they all walked away with blisters!

It was nice having Sue and Krista both around.  They were very helpful with the kiddos, and they're so easy-going about everything!

Colsen's big day was great.  I kept him awake all morning (didn't want him to miss anything!) so by the time the baptism actually happened, he was rubbing his face and getting pretty ornery.  And when Dean put the water on his head, he wasn't exactly thrilled either. :)  My favorite part, though (aside from Rayna twirling around in front of the whole church lifting up her dress and trying to play "ring around the rosy" with Strider during the prayer) was when Pete prayed a blessing over Colsen.  The verses we've picked for Colsen are Isaiah 44:3-5, and Psalm 119:1-2, and we pray that he will grow to be a boy and a man "of victorious people" as his name means.  In many ways, this boy tells us the story of God's redemptive plans and we are so thankful for him.





































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