Sunday, June 10, 2007

For the love of.... Presidents

We've suddenly become immersed in U.S. President infomation lately here.

On the way to and from the beach we listened to a song listing all the names of the 43 Presidents, and now both kids sing it incessantly.  Then Strider started asking us all kinds of questions about the various men, and since we didn't EVER know the answers, we showed him a Kids' Almanac site (and he found a very old book at my parents' house- - it only goes through Nixon) so he's been learning all he can.

He now knows the order of them forwards -- and backwards!  Sometimes he just does their first names, sometimes just last names, etc.  (Uncle Deuce came over tonight and asked him if he could do all their first names backwards.... and he did)  And now he's learned most of their terms/years, too, and who got shot, etc., etc.  Pretty interesting!

If you're curious, here are some videos of the kids reciting the President order:



and here is an abbreviated version of Rayna's recitation (she isn't quite as fast as Strider and the video size had to be limited for posting on this site):





(Even as I was typing this, Strider yelled down from his room, "Did you know that Grover Cleveland used to be the mayor of Buffalo, NY?")


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