Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ohio Trip, '07

One of the highlights of our big trip to Ohio this summer ocurred the very first night we were there.  We celebrated Bud/Grandpa's 70th birthday!  Since Boy Scouts has been such a big part of his life, we had a Scout-themed party -- with a ceremony and everything.  Here are some of the pictures:


The party included some serious elements, like a gift presentation of a photo album, a speech by Grandpa, and the pledge of allegiance... and also some fun things, like presenting Grandpa with numerous "merit badges" that he's "earned" in his life.  There was also a funny skit by the 3 oldest grandsons, and some funny dancing by the youngest grandchildren at the end...


But my favorite part -- and a moment that made me very proud to be a member of this large Frank family -- was a song that a lot of the grandkids (and a couple of the adults) did about Grandpa.  The main part of the song was something like "I'm glad I am a grandkid, there's nothing I'd rather be, but if I weren't a grandkid, a ____  I would be."  And then they each sang a separate verse.... all at the same time.  The cacophany was great!  I have some video of it, but apparently all the files are too big for this web site... bummer.

Now the site is telling me something is wrong with my other pictures, so I can't share them today... I'll try again later!










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