Thursday, February 25, 2016

What they think of me

Pete has been gone a lot lately -- he was out of town with Strider all weekend, and has had the busiest 2 weeks ("possibly of his whole life") at work, which means he hasn't even been home in the evenings.

So tonight Miles said to me, "Dad's worked a lot.  Maybe it's time for him to stay home and YOU to go to work."

I told him I thought that would be fine.

Then he asked me what kind of job I would want to do.  I didn't have a ready answer, so he came up with some possibilities.  

"Maybe you could work at a restaurant.  Like as a chef.  You're a pretty good cook.  Or, maybe you could be an earring-piercer!  Or a tattoo-maker!  Or, I know how you could make a LOT of money -- you could be a boss at Chick Fil-A."

I will definitely take those into consideration.


On one of those nights that Pete was gone over the weekend, the kids spent some time braiding my hair and trying to make it all fancy.  So while they were having an impromptu dance party I went upstairs and put on my "fanciest" dress -- my old bridesmaid dress from Katie's wedding.

When I came down to dance with them, they were all surprised and delighted, and then the next comment out of Colsen's mouth was, "But maybe you should wear something on your shoulders.  You have too many freckles."

I'll have to make sure and wear turtlenecks when I go to my tattoo-making job.

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