Sunday, March 12, 2017

Things they said today

I don't know if today was particularly funny around here, or if I was just paying more attention than usual.


Colsen just asked me, “Have you ever gotten the feeling that every time you do something, someone comes and un-does what you just did?”



Me:  Miles, you have to wash your hands!
Miles:  Fine.  You can make me wash my hands, but you can’t make me do it with dignity!!


Me, going through Strider’s room:  Is this shirt too small for you now?
Strider:  No, it just has wrinkle problems.
Me:  Wrinkle problems?  Like, it needs to be ironed?
Strider: Yeah, that.


Miles, riding in a wheelbarrow:  It’s been ages since I’ve done this!  It makes me feel 10 years younger!

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