Sunday, November 30, 2003

New Words

Strider's learning more about language all the time now....

Last night on the airplane Strider was going a mile a minute, standing up, sitting down, stretching to see out the window, kicking the seat in front of him (the man there loved that), putting the tray up and down, up and down, putting on the seat belt, taking off the seat belt, asking a million questions, etc.  Then in mid-breath, he added, “I’m SO wound up!!”  He paused and said, “What does that mean again?”

The questions with him are getting harder and harder to answer, too.  The other day he was walking around singing some song from church, and he came in to the kitchen to ask me, “Is glory a thing?”  Wasn’t sure how to answer that one…

When Strider doesn’t know a word for something, he just makes it up.  A couple of examples this month:
n  when we pulled out his jeans for the first time this season and he saw the zipper and button (he’s been used to elastic waist with his shorts), he called it a “button wrap.”
n  when he saw some of the neighborhood kids playing with boomerangs, he called them “booster crosses.”

This month we heard the return of “gobegotchenomenome” – Strider and Rayna’s favorite word that we had forgotten about.  Strider said it to Rayna and she immediately broke into gales of laughter again, just like she used to.  Sometimes when he says it and jumps around, she laughs so hard she falls down.

..... And he's learning about seasons too...

Strider is really enjoying this fall, with the leaves changing and everything.  He’s starting to understand the changing of seasons and how it will all happen again next year.  But he still gets a little confused… Like when I was telling him about the leaves on the tree, how they would turn red, fall off, and come back next spring as little green leaves.  He thought this was amazing, but then pointed at the mailbox next to the tree and said, “And what will happen to that??”

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