Monday, December 15, 2003

An Adventure with a Swan

Some of the birds on our pond

Today I was in a situation I never would have foreseen.  

When I went out to the curb to get our mail today, I saw that one of the trumpeter swans from the pond across the street was on the sidewalk in front of our house.  Well, apparently that guy is speedy because by the time I turned back around to come in the house, he was already between me and the door, at our front step.  I tried to go towards the door, but he seemed to be guarding it pretty well.  And since this particular one has been to known to hiss at people who get too close, I decided to avoid that the whole situation and went around to our back door. 

  Fortunately, I remembered, I had left that door unlocked on purpose earlier that day.  But, when I got to it, I found that it was locked again!  When I knocked, Strider came to the door (I was thankful he wasn’t at the other door letting the swan inside!) so I told him to unlock it.  

He got the all-too-common mischievous look in his eye and just shook his head “no.”  We battled through that for a few seconds and I started to worry because I realized I had no immediate repercussion to give him if he continued to disobey. 

Finally, though, he saw I was stern enough and unlocked the door.  Never thought I would be  stuck between a 3-year old and a swan!

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