Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gee-Gee Comes for a Visit

Gee-Gee/Mom/Jane flew from Ohio to sunny North Carolina for a visit this weekend!  And what a weekend it was....

Before we went to the airport to pick her up, I ran around in the morning trying to get the house in some semblance of order (succeeded mostly in just re-defining DISorder), got all the kids dressed (actually Rayna got dressed herself and marched out of her room yelling "I look CUTE!"), got out the door finally, missed a turn at the airport, etc., etc.,....  Anyway, we eventually found her! 




After we picked her up from the airport, we headed back to our house. Then we walked down to our neighborhood coffee shop for lunch...



After a fun afternoon of playing together, we got ready for dinner...



... and I even cooked a real, non-healthy, good dinner!  (Pete said it had been WAY too long)



We also had some wine.... which immediately made me dizzy and light-headed and prompted Pete to make comments for the rest of the evening about how trashed I was everytime I did or said something goofy.  (I wasn't, BTW)

Colsen put on a show for us that evening (he's starting to scootch around on his belly, even gets up on his knees like a little inch-worm),



... and we watched some basketball on tv (Strider really wanted Butler to win because it would be a "sweet upset" he kept saying.  They didn't win.)  And then we went to bed.  It was our first real HOT night (but we refuse to put on the air conditioner in MARCH).  Strider came down the next morning and reported that he was sweating so much overnight that he had worn his sports sweatband to bed.

Anyway, the next morning we got ready (along with a couple of Strider's friends) go to our neighborhood Kite Day festival.  The kids were very excited to go:



... even Colsen!



Rayna enjoyed the Moon Bounce thing,



 .... and Strider got a kick out of the magician there



Even Colsen was awed by it all...



Despite the fact that there was no wind to speak of, the kite flying attempts were made....  At first Pete was a little lonely out there trying to get the kite up, but once it was airborne, the kids came to see!



That afternoon we went up to Birkdale Village to do some shopping, then went to meet my parents for ice cream and to celebrate Poppa's birthday...



.... Then after a fun dinner out at Firebirds, we came home and crashed!

This morning we went to church and this afternoon we've been playing games...



Gee-Gee brought the games "Left, Right, Center" and "Farkle" (Rayna keeps jumping around saying "I want to play Sparkle!") and both have been major hits here.


Soon our visit must end, but we're so glad she came to see us!!


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