Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Do they have an answer for everything??

All of my kids are pretty good arguers, but it appears that the youngest and the oldest are truly attorneys-at-heart.  They want to debate E V E R Y T H I N G.

Some of the recent arguments I've had....

Strider: I think I should do some gambling when we go on the Cherokee mission trip (at the Indian reservation).
Me:  NO.
Strider:  But, MOM, we learned at our training session today that the whole Cherokee nation splits all of the income they get from the casinos, like communism.  So I would actually be helping all the people!

Strider:  Mom, you gotta let me stay up later.
Me:  You stay up plenty late already.
Strider:  But MOM, I don't like to sleep over a period of 2 days!  So I should just go to bed at 1 am.

Miles: Mom, who is stronger -- me or you?
Me:  Me.
Miles:  How do you know?
Me:  Because I can pick you up, but you can't pick me up.
Miles:  MOM!!  That's because you're heavy and I'm light!  ANYWAY, I can pick myself up:  I can jump!

Me:  Miles, buckle your seatbelt.
Miles:  No, I want to be a martyr.
Me;  What??
Miles:  You know, I want to die so I can see Jesus!
(Strider proceeded to fill him in on the difference between suicide and martyrdom.)

These boys are out-flanking me!  I'm hoping sweet Rayna will take good care of me when I'm drooling in my wheelchair, having used up all my brain cells arguing the boys.... which could be as early as next week.

(Even as I am posting this, Strider is now mounting an argument about why he should be allowed to have a Monster drink on the morning he takes the ACT exam...  It never stops.)

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