Monday, June 8, 2015

Operation Surprise = successful

Some of the first words out of Strider's mouth when he was but days old were:

 "I want to have a surprise party someday!"

So, 15 years later, I tried to comply.

A few weeks ago I invited some of his school friends to join us for Strider's birthday, but since Strider didn't know about it, as we were trying to surprise him, he kept pestering me for weeks about what kinds of things he wanted to do on his birthday.  We told him yes, he could go golfing with Pete, but then pretty much all of his other 345 requests had to be denied.  He was pretty convinced I was very mean by the time the big day finally rolled around.

We told him we were going out to dinner as a family in the city, which made him exasperated for some reason.

But THEN when we got to Fuel Pizza, he was suddenly bumped into by some shady character.... oh wait, it's his bud Henry!
And THEN, wait a second, look who else is here!!

NOW he was happy.

Even though he wouldn't smile for this picture;

Afterwards we surprised him again by telling him the whole gang was going to the Charlotte Knights game!

They had a good time at the game -- even got a few game balls, and a nice hug from the mascot.

And -- funny enough -- they ran into cousin Branson at the game.  Small world!  (Or big family?)

So, all in all, despite a few close calls, Strider was SURPRISED and LOVED IT.... and now thinks I'm a pretty cool mom and not so mean after all.  :)