Monday, September 21, 2015

Another table makeover

Our sunroom has this little space for a table and 2 stools, and a couple of years ago I bought this little inexpensive pub table at an antique store.  Now, though, it doesn't quite match all the colors and styles of the house, so I was trying to decide what to put there instead.

After a lot of overthinking, I finally decided to move the stools upstairs to the bonus room and move the wooden stools that we could no longer use at our kitchen bar into this sunroom.

Then I pulled out my two new best friends:  spray paint and wood stain (and our boring close associate, sandpaper).

Here's the new table!

Now I just need to get Pete to cut down the legs of the stools a few inches (he loooves it when I give him projects like that) so they fit better.  (And get that stuff off the floor under the windows)  The fun continues!

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