Monday, September 14, 2015

Family Camp Weekend

Our hosts for the weekend
For Christmas last year my parents gave us the gift of a weekend with them, and when we finally cashed in this weekend we discovered just how big of a gift that was!  We were greeted with a big sign and a SONG about how this was going to be Family Camp Weekend.  I was always jealous of my kids' Cousins Camp weekends.... now it was even the adults' turn!

We were spoiled.  All weekend.

Not only did we get some awesome meals, but we also had special outing after special outing, with games and activities at the house in between.  (And Pete and I even got some time away by ourselves to celebrate an early anniversary with a special dinner at The Melting Pot!)

First we kicked it all off with a photo scavenger hunt in Birkdale Village.

Of course, my team won!

After dinner at Brixx, we played some Minute-to-Minute games:

On Saturday, we all went to Defy Gravity AND mini golf (and did a little shopping), but, sadly, took no pictures.  Poppa was the big champion at mini golf and all of the kids had a blast challenging themselves on the various obstacles at Defy Gravity.

And it's a good thing they warmed up there, because the next day, after church, we went to the Whitewater Center and experienced all kinds of challenges and adventures!

Everyone had a great time on the obstacle course, and then Pete, Strider and Colsen headed for the treetops and the ropes courses.  They're much braver than I!

At the end of the day, Pete, Strider, Rayna, Miles and Colsen squeezed in some quick kayaking, and Strider did a bunch of rock climbing.  Reluctantly, we realized it was time to go as dinner time came and went and we needed to return to regular life to prepare for the upcoming week.

We all had a blast at Family Camp, and Colsen even proclaimed the last day as "one of the most fun days of his whole life!"  Such good memories made.

If anyone is looking for some a good Family Camp experience, I highly recommend the Sonshine Inn.  The innkeepers are pretty cool and have some great ideas.

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