Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Proud mom

This year for Classical Conversations the kids have been memorizing a LOT.  

Each week they've learned a new history fact (this week's:  "John Cabot and Samuel de Champlain explored Canada and the St. Lawrence River.  Creation of the Hudson Bay Company in 1670 eventually led to war between Britain and France.  The maple leaf is the symbol of Canada."), a science fact ("Some types of clouds are cumulonimbus, cirrus, stratus, cumulus, and stratocumulus), and a math fact ("The associative law for addition states: (a+b)+c = a+(b+c). The associative law for multiplication states: (a*b)*c = a*(b*c)") .

Throughout the year they also have learned all of the prepositions in the English language (in alphabetical order), all of the linking verbs, and all of the helping verbs.  They've also memorized the U.S. Presidents and the endings for all 5 declensions of Latin nouns.  In addition, they've learned to identify over 120 different places on a world map (Baffin Bay, Orange River, Yellow Sea, etc).

And finally, most impressive to me, they have memorized over 160 historical facts in order, comprising a timeline.  (CC nicely provides songs for a lot of this, including the very long "Timeline Song.")

So, here is Rayna singing the whole history of the world in approximately 9 minutes:

And 7-year-old Miles does it in just over 7 minutes:

(I don't expect anyone to actually watch these videos all the way through, but I wanted to document that they did it!  Colsen also can do the whole song, but uncharacteristically shied away from the camera today.  :)  )


  1. I admit I didn't watch the videos...mostly because I already have bits of timeline running through my head daily...or being sung to me by my own children ☺️ It's fun to hear about your CC adventures, though, AND I'm so thankful you found CC because that's how I found out about it and it is such a blessing to our homeschool.

    1. Thanks, Lynette! We took several years off from CC, but now are glad to be back in a community. I had forgotten just how much they memorize! I'm glad it's been such a blessing to you and your family. :)