Monday, March 28, 2016

Multi-part Easter Weekend

This year we ended up celebrating the resurrection of our Lord in various pieces with different family members each time.

Good Friday was a relatively uneventful day, with the exception of a service that some of us went to that night, and a gorgeous sunset. Then on Saturday the festivities began.

First we had a little backyard egg hunt with Kai, Addie, and Lincoln, who did not want to be pictured.

Then we loaded up our bikes and drove uptown to ride the greenway with the Dreschers and Mom and Dad.  Fun crew!

 My vantage point was usually other people's backs.  :)

We stopped at Mellow Mushroom for lunch, and my kids kept repeating, "You mean we actually get to eat HERE?"  Yes, we still don't get out much.  :)

Finally, on the Big Day, we had dinner at our house with the Clarks, Nonna and Poppa, and Mor-Mor in attendance.  Another fun crew!

It was a little tight, and a little loud, but we all love each other anyway.

Once again we were reminded about how the Resurrection changes EVERYTHING.  How good it is to live in these Post-Easter Days!

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