Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day Groundhog-Day Style

The nice thing about having a wide age span between one's kids is that one can re-use the same pranks over and over.

Even though neither of these jokes were new, I had new "fools" to trick.

For dinner tonight we had "cupcakes"  (meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top), and then for dessert we had "brownies."  (Pete was at a conference, and Strider was with his grandparents.)

It's a good thing I had these ol' standbys to fall back on because the new tricks I tried today were not all that successful.

When we had some cousins over I tried to give them all water in cups that had holes in them, but I guess I made the holes too small because they didn't even notice!

Then I tried to do a "science experiment," telling all the kids that if we mixed a whole lot of ketchup and salt together it would start to produce heat.  I told them to put their hands over the mixture, and then slammed all of their hands down into it.  Ketchup splattered everywhere (joke on me!), and Colsen was NOT amused.  As he told me later, "Mom, for someone who doesn't like ketchup, and doesn't even like the smell of it, that was like a nightmare!"  Hannah, Sage, and Elise were also rather alarmed by the mess.

Then I tried putting saran wrap across the kids' bedroom doorways.  None of them fell for that.  Lame.

Strider meanwhile pulled a couple tricks at school (yay for AFD being on a school day and not having him home playing tricks on me all day!).  He printed out a sign that said, "Please use other door." and posted it on their main school door.  Some of the poor students believed it and walked around the building --in the rain -- to the other door, which was locked.

He also brought in a spring-time word find and told his classmates he would give $5 to the first one to find all the words during lunch.  As might be predicted, NONE of the words listed were actually in the word find.

He also somehow stealthily moved the hands of the classroom clock forward 10 minutes at the end of the day, thereby getting the class excused early.  He was pretty proud of himself for that one.   :)

So the fun continues around here!

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