Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First formal!

Strider would insist the title of this post does not require an exclamation point.  In fact, he would insist there should not be a title nor a post at all because this was really not all that big of a deal.

But his mom begs to differ, and since it's my blog, it is a post and it does require an exclamation point.

Even though this was not officially a prom, and it was technically supposed to be only for the juniors and seniors at Strider's school, the population was heavily skewed female, so the sophomore boys were invited to join in.  This was not an event to which they could take dates, and each of the boys were told they should ask each of the girls to dance throughout the night.

It sounded like a fantastic night!  (Not at all like the awkward, heavily emotionally draining proms I have experienced)  They all sat down to a fancy dinner first, and then spent an hour getting swing dance lessons. Afterwards they all danced with each other, doing an occasional line dance, but mostly swing dancing for the rest of the night.

When we arrived to pick him up, I peeked in the windows and it looked so fun!  Everyone was participating and smiling and dancing so well.  I snuck a few photos...  He's the one dancing with the girl in purple:

I also got a short video of him dancing, but he would definitely draw the line and not let me post that!

Strider got a ride with Jonathan to the dance and I love the picture Darol got of the 2 of them:

... This was them 5 years ago, dressed up for another event!

Time is flying and the boys are becoming men right before our eyes!

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