Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Memory Masters!

On Friday night our Classical Conversations group gathered for our "Closing Ceremonies" and a special dinner.  The highlights of the night included seeing each class perform one of the little songs or facts they learned through the year.

Colsen as President Washington (white wig)

A few seconds of Miles' and Rayna's classes doing the "Preposition Chant":

I was also especially proud to see all 3 of our kids get awarded the Memory Masters Award.  They were tested 3 times over the last month on all the facts they learned this year, and after passing all 3 tests (in the last round they can make NO mistakes), they get to be called a Memory Master.  It was a big accomplishment for all of them!!

Here they are accepting the award with a few other students:

Colsen going forward...

Lousy pictures, but fun night!

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