Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Original 7 Celebrate Dad's 70th

This past weekend was a very unique one:  For the first time in two decades it was just Mom, Dad, Karin, John, Dan, Katie, and me in one house.  It was so weird -- but super fun!

On Dad's 70th birthday a couple weeks ago, we surprised him by telling him that John would be flying in and the 7 of us would have a weekend full of special activities.

(Here is the little presentation we used to tell him)

On Saturday morning we gathered bright and early for breakfast at Mom and Dad's house, and then set off from there for our first adventure:  Exit Strategy.  This was one of those places where you have an hour to solve all the clues/puzzle to escape the room.  Our theme was "Bank Heist," which we thought was fitting, considering Dad's banking career (not that he ever heisted anything).  We all had to work together to rush around (or stand around mind-boggled) finding keys and answers.  It was so much fun!!  I think we all agreed we would love to go back and do it again.

Then it was off to Tupelo Honey for lunch, and then we drove down to Crowder's Mountain for a long, lovely hike.

These people simply do NOT look 70/almost 70!!
Mom treated us to a fancy dinner at Dressler's, and then we went back and crashed and Mom and Dad's, looking at old photos and laughing at each other's old hair styles until late into the night.

Mom must have taken lessons from John on how to close one's eyes for pictures
Sunday we woke to another nice breakfast and then "family church."  Mom and I begged and pleaded until everyone agreed to re-create a couple of old photos.  I only have permission to share this one.  :)

The rest of the day was spent at the Whitewater Center, where we were joined by many family members.  Our kids and spouses came, as well as cousin Linsey, Aunt Lisa, and Amelia.  Lots of Wrays in one spot!  It became a little less cohesive at that point as everyone scattered for various activities.  Another beautiful day!

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