Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weekend Fun

The week is racing by and I am eagerly preparing for this coming weekend, but wanted to quickly slip in this post about last weekend.  Our "slow" season appears to have come to an end as we found ourselves going from activity to activity.

Saturday morning was our neighborhood's annual Kite Festival so we rushed up there as soon as it began, dodging the raindrops, so we could quickly fly some kites before soccer.  There weren't many people there yet -- later in the day it cleared up and that's when the crowds came!

Then it was off to watch Miles play soccer...
Miles is the one in the center, in red

Then, Nonna and Poppa came to take the 3 younger ones out for a special reward for earning the Memory Masters awards -- Miniature Golf AND ice cream!

Then on Sunday we went to a very unique and fun birthday party.  Our friend Rachel turned 25 and she rented out the entire roller skating rink near here!  About 40 of her friends came and we had the whole place to ourselves!  The whole family (except Strider, who was at youth group, had fun skating.  I had forgotten how fun it is.)

Meanwhile, Paul was in town for the weekend.  He and Pete attended a conference in Charlotte together and we looked at old pictures of when they used to travel together years ago.,..

Some hair and clothes styles have changed, but these two are still just as adventurous as ever.  Well, almost.

Anyway, it was a fun weekend!

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