Thursday, April 7, 2016

When Daddy was the teacher

Most of our days involve Mom as the teacher, but yesterday we had the distinct treat of having Dad be the teacher -- and not just for our family.

The Jesse Helms Center hosted an all-day homeschool event primarily centered around the curriculum that Pete and I (mostly Pete) wrote.  It was mostly geared toward older kids, but our kids came along and ended up really enjoying it.

While Pete talked to the parents about how to use the curriculum, the older kids went in a separate area and were divided into competing "companies."  They were told to come up with a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the product they were going to "export," calculating their profit after taxes and tariffs.  It was fun watching them all work so earnestly!

Meanwhile the younger kids went with one of the other staff members to do a big scavenger hunt all over the Center.  My kids loved it -- and learned a lot!

In addition to Pete, there were a couple of other speakers and some other activities... all in all, a very enjoyable and unusual day.

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