Monday, May 2, 2016

From the mind of Rayna

As usual, Rayna's presence in our home is very appreciated.  She keeps us all on track, remembering things the rest of us forgot, and keeps us all close together.  (She likes to sometimes even make us all stand in a circle and do a group hug.)

This past week she suddenly announced one afternoon that we needed to get a sheet and go out in the backyard.  She spread it out and then told us we were to all lie on it and "do that thing again where we smell the sky and stuff."  So we did.  :)

She does drive me a little crazy sometimes, though, when she keeps repeating some nonsensical phrase or line from a song or poem over and over.  For instance, she loves to sing that song, "Mary, Did You Know?"..... but she only says this line over and over:

"Mary, did you know that your baby boy... would one day walk on the moon?"

Now the boys all sing it like that, too, so that's just great.

She's a delight, this girl!

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