Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our Ecunemical Weekend

This weekend our whole family found ourselves running through very heavy downpours TWICE, but all of the extra wet clothes and laundry were well worth it.

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to the Hopkins' house for "Farm Jam," which was an event for their church (Warehouse).  The kids scattered, finding friends, snakes, wiffle-ball games, and fishing activities to keep them occupied, and Pete and I had a great time catching up with friends as well.  Towards the end of the evening the music started and we had such a great time singing along -- Rayna, especially, was in her element!

Then the heavens opened up and everyone had to race for their cars!

Since we were most of the way to Huntersville, we decided to spend the night at Mom and Dad's, and they welcomed our drenched and dripping selves in.

The next morning we attended a very different kind of church.  Strider had been asking to go to the church where his teacher from Greyfriars is a pastor, and since it's in Huntersville, this was a good opportunity.  It was a really good service, and we all enjoyed hearing Mr. Shelnutt preach.

(For the younger boys, the main highlight was getting to sit in the balcony.  I had been reading "A Bear Called Paddington" to them this past week, and in one of the chapters Paddington goes to a fancy theater (theatre) and gets to sit in "box seats." I had tried to describe that to the kids.... so when they saw the balcony in the fancy church, they begged to sit in the "box seats!")

After our 24-hour getaway, we attended our own church life group, our third community of believers for the weekend.  Since our life group is rather large, this is always a big event.  Once again the storms arrived in the evening and everyone got soaked.  While the adults were still inside trying to focus on the Bible discussion, the 16 (or was it 61?) kids designed some "rides" in the rain, making it sound like an amusement park with all the shrieking and screaming.

So, it was a good, varied, wet weekend.  :)

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