Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Colsen recently surprised me with this creation of his, and I think it's one of the best things he's ever made!

Inside the giant F, he repeated words like,

"We mourn together, we rejoice together, we love together, Loved, happy, fun, we are men of our word, we toot*, we are joyful, Prayer, strong, we are cool, we love each other, brave, we are loved, we are awesome"

*I feel compelled to clarify that only some of us do that.

Then Miles decided to do his own version -- which I also love!
His says, 

"Fun, smiles, laughs, love, Miles, Colsen, Rayna, Peter, Amy, joyful, kindness, men of our word, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, think about others besides yourself, Colsen = love; Miles = joy; Peter = Reads the Bible; Rayna = laughs; Strider = funny; Amy = patience; funny, some of school but a little bit of playtime, trying to move, God."

I just love hearing their perspectives on our family life!

And while I'm talking about things I'm "treasuring up," I thought I'd just slip this in at the end with the hopes that Strider won't read it until he's past the age of wanting me to never talk about him.  :)   This past weekend he went to a graduation party (how can he be this old??), and came back that night telling us how much fun it was.  Apparently all the students went down in the basement and did swing dancing all night!  I'm just so thankful for this group of friends he has, and the school he goes to.  How cool that a group of teenagers in this day and age can have so much fun together doing something creative like that.   Definitely something I've treasured this week!

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