Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We told the kids we were moving...

We've been house-hunting for awhile now, and sometimes we've dragged the kids to see some interesting properties.  We finally decided to put an offer in on one -- and the low offer was actually accepted!  

So, then we had to tell the kids.

We decided to play a little joke on them, so we sat them all down on the couch and showed them these pictures, telling them that this was the house we had decided to buy. (It's not)  Pete gave them a whole long story about how we were going to buy this property way out in Marshville (very far away from all of Strider's school, friends, and activities) because it was very reasonably priced, etc.

I videoed their reactions as they were taking this all in....

My favorite part was when Strider said he was going to "join the foster program."  (In all fairness,  Strider was actually sick that day, so was not in the best of moods to begin with...)

About 20 seconds after the end of that video we told them about the real house we have a contract to buy.... and they were all excited.  It was a BIG improvement from the pictures above.  :)  I wish I had kept the camera running for that part.... it was fun to see Colsen dancing around and Rayna and Miles all happy.  It took Strider a little longer to switch moods but he truly is excited about the new house (now).  :)  As are we all!

And the prankster was pranked, so it was all good!

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