Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strider at FELC

This past week Strider attended the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge camp at Wingate.  We dropped him off on Sunday, and haven't seen him since (my parents picked him up at the end because Pete and I were out of town, and now he's away with them for the weekend), but from the small texts and bits of phone conversations we've had, it sounds like it was a really good week!

All week the high school students were divided into company teams and they had to construct businesses, marketing them to the other students.  They also had several competitions:  speech, essay, and debate.

Pete and I helped write some of the curriculum for this camp, and Pete is a speaker for one of their sessions every year.  This year he did his usual talk, and didn't mention he was Strider's dad (to kindly protect Strider's street cred).  The next day, he got this text from Strider:

That's about all we heard during the week, so I stalked the FELC Facebook page to get some pictures and a better idea of what they were doing...

I see Strider in the third row -- clearly talking to someone instead of listening

Strider's team: "Team Honor"

Doing what he loves to do:  DEBATE!
More debating

The company presidents, each giving an ad for their product

Strider says it was great and he wants to go back next year, so we're thankful!  (We're also thankful that this camp is so cheap!)

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