Sunday, June 12, 2016


How is it possible that we now have a 16-year-old living in the house?  I'm really not sure... but it's pretty cool anyway.

The best part was:  He turned 16 on Monday, and on Tuesday, completely unbidden, in not one but two different conversations, I heard him utter the words, "You're right, Mom."  This was HUGE.  Those words have not crossed his lips in succession since 2009.

A corner has definitely been turned, and I like the new vista.

His actual birthday was a bit anti-climactic after going to Turkey for his 12th, going to Colorado for his 14th, and being surprised by his friends on his 15th, but he said it was a good day anyway.  His football team was set to have their first practice of the season that night, so one of his buddies came over to hang out beforehand.  Then practice was cancelled due to storms.  :(

Other highlights of this birthday included receiving a unicycle, some new cleats and shoes AND getting his first job offer!  His summer job begins tomorrow.  He's turned into quite a hard worker, laboring hard for our neighbors and my parents over the last couple of weeks, and we're excited to see how this new job (working for an expert tiler) turns out.

Our little boy has turned into a young man, and we're so proud!

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