Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Many Fishermen (and fishergirls)

We're trying to soak up our last few weeks with our pond (not literally of course -- that water is gross), so the kids have been out fishing just about every single day, for hours at a time.  Even Strider and Rayna have found the the joy of fishing now, so there's pretty much always someone out there.  And a lot of friends have come over lately to fish with them, as well as all of the cousins.  It's been fun, albeit hot, to watch.

Matt caught this fly fishing!
Sue and Al came for a couple of quick overnight visits, and within about 5 minutes each time, Al had caught some bass.  (Now the boys want rods like his, that fold up all nicely to fit in a suitcase!)

As Colsen often laments, it will be hard to leave this pond.  There will be a few overlapping days that we'll own our new house and still this house as well, so he says we'll get to call this one our "lake house" then, and we can still come over and fish.

"But," he says, "maybe it will be time to leave after all.  I think all of the fish in this pond know me by now and they're not going to keep biting on my line. They look up and say, 'Oh, I know this kid!'"

So, we'll just enjoy it while we can.  :)

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