Monday, June 6, 2016

A quilt for our new daughter

We are* planning to make a quilt for our new daughter to represent all of the folks who helped to bring her home.  She is coming here to a beautiful community, the fabric of family and friends woven together, and we want to show her that in a tangible way!

So, we would like everyone who supports us in any way to pick out a fabric square from the options below.  We will write your name on it, and then it will be sewn into the quilt for her to keep forever.

Just send me a message with the name of the square you choose.

We are so thankful for you!!  Our new daughter is blessed by you, as she will soon discover!!

"Red Daisy"
"Floral Swirl"
"Grey Flora"
"Strawberry Fields"
"Blue Vine"
"Green Weave"
"Silver Chains"
"Royal Blue Bouquet"
"Cheery Cherry"

*By "we are" I mostly mean "my mom is."   :)

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