Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recent random moments

At one point during dinner tonight Miles was marching around the table chanting, “No more war!  No more war!” and Strider told him, “You sound like an ignorant hippie.”

Just another refined and dignified meal at the Frank house.


Colsen walked into the bathroom while I was taking a shower, and just stood there and sighed.  Bewildered by why he was there, I asked, "Ummmm, what's up Cole?"
"Ah, nothing.  You know me, I'm just a noodler," he said.
"A noodler???  What's that?  A thinker?" I asked.
"No," he said, "It's a guy who catches catfish!"

Well that just explains everything.

Strider took his first college course this semester at Wingate – Principles of Macroeconomics – and he took the final exam yesterday.  I think this is a huge milestone, but he keeps rolling his eyes and leaving the room every time I try to talk about it. 

“I feel like I was JUST in college myself,” I said to him.  His response as he walked away was, “Well, you weren’t.”

(He got a B in the class.  Not too bad for the first one.)


And then there was that day that we had ice cream in a VW bus...


....And the day the Dreschers came over and a violin jam session broke out...

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