Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When Grandpa and Gee-Gee come to visit

Since their visits are few and far between, we try to pack in some fun while Bud and Jane are here!  Well, that and some good (challenging) house projects to keep Bud and Pete busy.  This time the guys installed an ornery ceiling fan and replaced our garage door opener. (yay!!)

  But in between those projects, we did things like go out for ice cream, celebrate Mothers' Day, and just enjoy each other.
Grandpa holding court
Some togetherness time (looking at Gee-Gee's phone) right before bed

 We also had the opportunity to take them to one of our next-door neighbors' famous parties -- this time a Cinco de Mayo occasion, complete with tiny cookie tacos I made.  :)

They even had a pinata for the kids to bang on.

We also got to watch not one, not two, but three rousing soccer games on Saturday.

Oh -- and there was the Kentucky Derby to watch intently, too.  :)


Thanks for coming, Grandpa and Gee!

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