Thursday, August 25, 2016

Same School, Different Building

It's been Back-To-School week for Poplar Streams Academy, and the excitement level has been high.  No, really, it has!  For the first time ever (I think), I've heard a couple of the kids exclaiming things like, "This is exciting!" to one another.  I guess everyone was ready to get back into a routine  -- or maybe they just like apple pie.

The night before school started we made our traditional pie for breakfast, and had our annual scavenger hunt for all the school supplies.

Miles is reading Proverbs 16:16 to everyone since he was the grand prize winner of the chocolate bar

 First day of school went smoothly, and even with enthusiasm.

New location for front porch pictures!

Saying the pledge

Back to readin' and writin' and stuff!
Strider, meanwhile, our first PSA alumnus, was off to his first day at Wingate -- taking Intro to Business this year.  I had to pick him up a few hours later because he had a job interview at Chick Fil-A!

That night was Greyfriars' Convocation ceremony.... It's always so nice to see everyone dressed up and smiling.  :)

This morning we had our first Classical Conversations gathering, too.  It was fun to see everyone again, and we enjoyed our opening ceremony in the woods.

We are looking forward to a good year, in which we all increase in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  We also anticipate increasing the enrollment at Poplar Streams by 33% this semester!  We'll see what the Lord does...

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