Thursday, August 4, 2016

Quick Beach Trip

We've been intensely renovating and unpacking and decorating here, but we took a weekend off to go to the beach with most of the Wray family.  Back to Litchfield we went this year to enjoy time in the sand, in the waves, in the pool, and at Massey's Pizza.

 Even though there were a lot of jellyfish around, we still got some good wave-riding in.

 Graham organized a beach workout:

And we all played Four-Square a few times:

I worked on my photo-bombing skills:

Those are my hands in there!  Hehehehe... I'm so funny.

..... And photo-bombing apparently runs in the family!

*The views expressed on the teenager-'s shirt do not reflect the views of the entire family.
(Thanks to James for some of these photos)

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