Friday, July 22, 2016

Life in Lake Park

We are saying goodbye today to our home and neighborhood, and I'm processing this the best way I know... by writing and reminiscing.

When we first moved in we just had these 2 little munchkins:

 We set out to get to know our new neighborhood just like this almost every day.... for years I pushed strollers through the streets of Lake Park!

 Eventually we brought home a new baby...

 .... and then another new baby a couple of years later:

We've enjoyed our neighbors....

.... and hosted Back Yard Bible Clubs, Back Yard Explorers Camps, Cousins Days, etc.

We've loved the traditions of Lake Park, like the Fall Festivals, the Kite Days, and our favorite, the Bike Parades:

We've enjoyed hosting parties, for Pete's students and for friends:

 We've loved the random wildlife we've seen here... horses, goats, sheep, giant turtles, trumpeter swans, herons, humongous flocks of birds...

....and the occasional random adventure, like when the hot air balloon came down.
Season after season has been beautiful from this vantage point!

In our "baker's dozen" of years that we've spent here, we've experienced new life, death, loss, silliness, great adventures, and many, many celebrations -- all of the things that make a house a home.

 The Lord has blessed us in our home in Lake Park!

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  1. Beautiful post, Amy!! Certainly brought me to tears! How the Lord has blessed you all! And what a blessing for us to get to watch it all unfold from the sidelines! May His hand of blessing continue to be on you all in your new home -- and may the memories you make there be just as sweet -- and profound!