Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Maine trip of the summer

The big, main trip for the Frank family this year was the big family reunion in Maine.  As we made plans a few months ago we discovered that it was way more complicated and exponentially more expensive for all 6 of us to go (needing 2 hotel rooms all week, a much larger rental car, etc), so we decided to pick the 3-4 favorites and let them go.  (Or, more accurately, we went through a long, convoluted decision-making process trying to determine whose "turn" it was to travel, who didn't want to fly, etc.)

 Anyway, we concluded that Pete, Miles, and Rayna would go, with Strider as a "maybe" depending on his work schedule.  At the last minute Strider realized he could go, so off the 4 of them went, leaving Colsen and I home on a little "Staycation," with the theme of "Pack the household into a multitude of boxes."  As it turned out, the timing was very good for me to stay home and get things done since we move to a new house in just a couple weeks!

But back to the Maine point here...  The travelers had a great time.  I got texts and emails with all kinds of beautiful pictures each day (to which I responded with an occasional picture of a pile of boxes).  Eighteen members of the Frank family plus 2 significant others all met near Acadia, and they hiked all over.  Other highlights were a lobster boat ride, a little shopping, and seeing some wildlife (a porcupine in the woods! and harbor seals on the rocks).

So the Maine point is that the trip was awesome!!!

(Thanks to Sue for many of these pictures!)

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