Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Family of 7

Jinna Rai's first few days at home have gone really well!

The first morning she was here,  Colsen and Miles got up early and couldn't WAIT for her to get up... they kept going in to check on her.  The boys were standing right in front of her with balloons when she opened her eyes, and she smiled and started talking immediately.

 Then she enjoyed meeting Rayna, too!

She enjoyed going around and exploring through the house, and also loved her inaugural visit to the park.

She seemed to recognize everyone from the photos in the book we had made for her, and has settled right in at home.  When Strider got home from school in the afternoon she was so excited to see him!  We also had to say goodbye to Aunt Sue, who did an amazing job taking care of the other kids while we were gone!

It was a great first day with Jinna Rai home!

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