Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Getting to know Jinna Rai

Our little animated girl is good at letting us know what she likes and what she doesn’t like, even without a common language.  Her facial expressions tell us a lot!

She and I have both been learning some new words, though.  I’ve learned enough Mandarin to get the pronouns down, so she knows what’s hers, who I’m talking to, etc.  We can also tell her it’s time to sleep, time to read a book, etc.  And I’ve learned her favorite things - -numbers.  She loves to count and point out numbers everywhere.

Her English words are now comprised of Mama, Baba (what kids call Daddy here), thank you, please, water, food, banana, and bathroom.  (All the essentials!)

The first thing she mastered really well was saying thank you to us.  She delights in telling us that, probably 50 times a day.  Every time we bring her a little food, open her water bottle for her, fix something that she needs, open a door for her, etc., we hear “Shank-oo Mama! Shank-oo Baba!”  We’re happy to have such a grateful child.

Another thing that was not hard to figure out is how much she loves accessories!  

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