Tuesday, November 22, 2016

But what has Jinna Rai been up to??

The most common question I hear these days (aside from "What are we doing today, Mom?" and "What's for dinner?") comes from those outside our home and it's "How is Jinna doing??"
The short answer is she is doing very well!  She generally goes with the flow and loves to participate in our normal family activities.  She has times of acting out -- especially after the normal routine has been disrupted -- but usually she's happy and just bops around the house, trying various activities.
She's picked up a lot of English words -- food, more, please, thank you, you're welcome, water, banana, chocolate (!), towel, pencil, paper, hair, shoes, most of the colors, numbers up to 20, and a couple letters of the alphabet.  She loves to "pray" with us (which involves mumbling and listing all of the names in the family), and enjoys playing Uno and various apps on the Kindle.  She also loves writing and drawing -- learned to write her English name in the first 2 days she was here.  And she loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me."  Now we just need to teach her what it means!

We're so grateful for this lively girl who is so definitely a Frank!

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