Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sports wrap-up

With Colsen's team's big victory during the tournament, the fall sports season has come to an end (and not a moment too soon, from a driving around standpoint!).

Colsen played on a U-11 team this year, which meant he was one of the youngest kids, but even still he was able to earn a starting position as stopper as the season progressed, and he has a new passion for the sport.  He has become very agile and loves "juking people out."  :)  We are thankful to Coach Carlos for all his instruction this season!

Here is the team victorious at the tournament:

Meanwhile, Strider spent every weeknight between July and November on the football field, with games on almost every Friday night.  His primary position was longsnapper, but he did a few other things, too, like play safety and do kick return (whatever those things are... I'm still not too adept with my football terminology).  My primary concern was that he played safely.

Now we are enjoying a little break in the evenings, although Cole and Milo start up again next week with 3v3 soccer, and Strider is talking about trying to start a boys' volleyball team in the spring...  We'll see!

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