Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Resurrection Day

Jinna's first Easter!
Most years I am all about creating or re-creating various traditions that we have for the holidays, and this year I was not the only one interested in that!  On Thursday, the day before Good Friday, Miles announced he was going to make me a special surprise,  An hour later, he brought me this!

 We had much to celebrate this year!  And so we did.

(One side note, speaking of traditions:  As I found myself facing down this bin of recycled eggs, as I do every year...

...I found myself thinking how thankful I am for the guy who finally though to start including this little extra bit of plastic to keep the egg halves together.  That guy is my hero!)

Anyway, after church on Sunday, the 9 of us motored our way to my parents' house for the afternoon.  As always, it was a splendid display of food, flowers, and festivities.  Bonus:  Uncle Pete, Aunt Lisa, and the Wigs were there, too!

Dad broke out the water balloons!

It didn't take Jinna long to figure out what to do
with the "weird" balloons with water in them!

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