Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not sure what is going on....

When I woke up this morning I came out to the kitchen and promptly made 2 kids mad at me.  One was mad because I told him he couldn't use the computer to start his schoolwork immediately, and one was mad because she had already cleaned up the kitchen and I was getting things out for my breakfast.  "I already cleaned it up 3 times!" she admonished me.

Then I found a sweet notecard that Miles had written to Colsen, telling him he was sorry to tell him that Daddy had to leave for work before Cole got up, and that he was also very sorry for sleeping in Colsen's bed last night but that he would "make it up to" him today.

Had the earth tilted on its axis overnight??

The weirdness continued all day...

At one point in the afternoon:

  • Jinna was not only making a really good drawing with colored pencils, but she also voluntarily cleaned up all 57 of the pencils!
  • Rayna was doing an exercise video without being told to
  • Miles was doing his schoolwork on the computer -- after he, again, begged to
  • Colsen was.... well, doing what he's always doing... yo-yoing.

I also experienced: 2 kids helping another one with her schoolwork, a boy telling me how much he loved me for no reason at all, another one telling me I'm a great mom, kids wanting to play games with each other, a little girl wanting to hold my hand when normally she doesn't....

And 3 of the kids have been DYING to do ALL of their schoolwork all day.  (Thank you, Monarch curriculum.)

Then Strider came home from his beach trip, and even though he was up until almost 4 am last night, he has been pleasant all evening!

WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?  I think I woke up in some kind of alternate universe.
I'm scared to go back to sleep tonight...

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