Monday, June 12, 2017


Strider is all grown up!

His 17th birthday was pretty low-key, but he seemed pretty happy anyway.  Pete was out of town, but he left a little gift ahead of time, so Strider used that money to go play with golf with Wayne.  He graced us with his presence for dinner time, which included ice cream cake, and then off he went to work, to learn how to "clean the grill," which is apparently quite challenging and his final frontier in CFA training.

I spent a lot of the day watching old videos of him as a toddler and a little boy.... such a cute little guy he's been. It's hard to believe we only have 1 more year with him here full-time!

p.s. Since I think I forgot to post this earlier, here is a pic of him heading off to his school's spring formal/prom.  So handsome!  (He's crashed this car since the picture was taken.)

p.p.s. I also forgot to note the "superlative" award he won for his school's yearbook:

We're so proud.

p.p.p.s.  Strider is now officially very old... but my other kids who are not comforted me the night of his birthday.  They asked if they could please sleep over in my room (Pete was gone), and after watching all of those old videos and realizing how fleeting time is, I quickly obliged.  I love still having little ones around!

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